My Opinions on Makeup Revolution

Hello everyone,

So recently I’ve realised that I’ve been using Makeup Revolution makeup so much. This inspired me to share my opinions on the brand.

Packaging and first impressions:

Firstly, the eyeshadow and face palettes come in a cardboard box which makes them look really expensive and it feels like you’re buying from a high- end brand! I never want to throw away the box because they’re always so beautifully designed. I also love it when they come with a mirror because the mirrors are always fairly big and they come in really handy. The packaging is is always so well designed and really great quality.


Cream Contour Palette:

I use the cream contour palette pretty much every single day. I think they work really well and all the colours are very pigmented. This is only £8 which is an amazing price. If this was made by a different brand I think it could be double if not triple the price.


 Sculpt & Contour Kit and Vivid Baked Highlights Radiant Light

The highlighter on the right is my favourite highlighter I own. It is such a beautiful colour and it is very pigmented. The blusher is a really pretty rose gold. The highlighter in the palette was my first ever highlighter. It’s not the best highlighter ever but it’s alright. I don’t use the contour on the left so I don’t really have much to say about it. The sculpt and contour kit is £3.50 and the highlighter is £3. Such incredible prices.



Shown above on the left is the Salavation Palette Girl Panic and on the right is the Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawess 3 Resurrection.

I actually got the Girl Panic palette for free f I spent a certain amount on Makeup Revolution which was really good. I really like the colours you get in it and they’re all very pigmented. The palette on the right is also really good but I find that the lighter colours aren’t very pigmented. I love the red, orange burgundy colours so much though. It is £8 and the Girl Panic one is £6. They are both really great value.


Redemption Palette Iconic 3 and Redemption Palette Iconic Elements

The redemption palette iconic 3 is probably my favourite eyeshadow palette ever. It has some beautiful shimmer and is only £4. WOW!!! I believe that it is a dupe of the Naked 3 palette. The palette on the left is also so nice and it is full of beautiful mattes. I love the matte brown in this palette. All the colours in both of these palettes are super pigmented and I love them both so much.

Overall Opinion:

Overall Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite brands. Their products are always really great quality and are always super affordable. I really want to try out some of their lip products.

Have you tried any makeup revolution palettes?

Until next time,

Ella Roses World


Ultra Cream Contour Palette – £8 – SuperdugTam Beauty Website

Vivid Baked Highlights Radiant Light – £3 – SuperdugTam Beauty Website

Sculpt & Contour Kit – £3.50Superdug – Tam Beauty Website

Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawess 3 Resurrection – £8 – SuperdugTam Beauty Website

Salvation Palette Girl Panic – £6 – Superdug Tam Beauty Website

Redemption Palette Iconic Elements – £4 – Superdug Tam Beauty Website

Redemption Palette Iconic 3 – £4 – SuperdugTam Beauty Website




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