This or That Summer tag

Hello everyone,

So today I thought that I’d do the This or That Summer Tag. I got this tag from Kate Bouska’s blog so credit to her! I hope you enjoy this and if you like tags then let me know!

Ocean or Pool?

This one’s hard but I think that I would have to go with pool. I just love the feeling of going underwater and being able to see clearly what’s around you. Also, at the pool you I feel as though you can do lengths more easily.

Beach Vacation or Wilderness

100% beach vacation or holiday as I would call it! Who doesn’t like lying on the beach and swimming in the sea?

Watermelon or Strawberries

When I tell people this they act really surprised but basically I don’t really like watermelon. I don’t think it has much flavour and I guess it’s a bit too watery??!! So yeah, I would go with strawberries as I love them!

Bikini or One- piece?

If I’m on holiday definitely a bikini (New Look do some really nice ones). If I’m not on holiday however, I would probably go with a one- piece.

Lemonade or Iced Tea?

This one is also sooooo hard! I love lemonade so much but I think I like Iced- tea a tiny bit more!!

Hotdogs…grilled or over a fire?

I would so over a fire, it gives them that lovely fire taste!!!!

Hat or Sunglasses?

I hate wearing a hat but I think sunglasses are such a nice accessory and are so fashionable.

Windows down or AC all the way?

I think I would go with AC because it has so much more effect than having the windows down.

Tanning Lotion or Sunscreen?

I don’t use tanning lotion ever but I use sunscreen although I HATE  it soooo much!

Baseball Game or Concert?


Ice Cream or Popsicle?

I would usually choose Ice cream but if I’m in a certain mood I’ll choose a Twister!

Fireworks or Fireflies?

I don’t really understand this question but fireworks I guess??!!

Flip- Flops or Bare Feet?

1000000% Flip- Flops!!! I have a weird phobia thing of bare feet ugh!

Water Balloons or Squirt Guns?

I think water ballons but I’m not really sure to be honest!

I hope you enjoyed that post as it was different from usual!

Until next time,

Ella Roses World

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